Getting Maid Insurance

Things You Need to Know before Getting Maid Insurance

Are you planning to get a domestic maid for your household? Then you have come to the right page. Living in a place like Singapore, sometimes makes you go through some ups and downs in your finance. You are bearing the charges of maid insurance policies that might add-on to your never-ending burden. Once you get to know the benefits and terms of the system, you might end up buying one immediately. Though, it would help if you went through this article first for buying the best maid insurance ever.

Need for getting Maid Insurance

When you get yourself a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) in Singapore, you must buy maid insurance. The Government has brought about this change in society, due to the increasing level of human traffic and abuse on foreign domestic workers. These maids come from foreign countries to Singapore to earn a decent living. In some cases, the maids have to suffer a lifetime loss due to overwork or several other issues from the employer or an accident. To cover such accidents of the maid, the Government has made maid insurance legit and compulsory.

Besides the above points, maid insurances are also beneficial to employers in many ways. The below points will state why maid insurances in Singapore are advantageous to the employee as well as the employer:

  • If your domestic worker ends up losing any of his or her personal belongings, then the maid insurance policy can cover the charges and save your money to some considerable extent.
  • When you replace your domestic maid for any reason, the agency fee gets covered by the maid insurance plan.
  • If your maid has to leave in between the contract of the plan, then the cost of repatriation includes in the maid policy.
  • The maid insurance policy covers the wage compensations in case of your domestic workers’ inconvenience in coming to work. The reasons might vary from weekend leaves to health issues.
  • In the case of outpatient treatment of your domestic worker in Singapore, the maid insurance plan covers all the daily medication expenses for health issues like pain, severe cuts, fever, etc.
  • If your domestic worker is the reason behind some third party’s loss, then the maid insurance policy covers the compensation expenses.
  • The maid insurance policy also provides theft compensation at your home if your domestic worker is behind the accident in anyways.

Though all the above points might benefit your maid as well as you in several ways, there are still a few exceptions in the insurance policy. The insurance policy will not cover the expenses if your maid is under some psychiatric treatment or any venereal disease. Even if she becomes pregnant or commits suicide, she will not get any compensation from the insurance policies.

The maid insurances cover medical expenses to a certain extent. It might vary from disease to disease and plan to plan.

Basic things about Maid Insurance

Before you buy maid insurance policies for your foreign domestic worker, here are a few things which you should always keep in mind. Let’s look in these points:

  • Maid insurance policies have got various categories. It comes in basically three different tiers.

The basic tier is the policy, which involves the least amount. When the term of the maid insurance policy is for 26 months, then the basic tier might require an investment of just $10 each month.

When it comes to the mid-tier of the maid insurance policy, the employer has to invest at least $12.30 each month.

When the maid policy is of the top tier, the employer must invest $14.40 each month.

The more the investment, the more the insurance policy covers whatever maid insurance policy you choose continues for as long as you set the terms in the bond before employing your domestic worker.

  • Before buying insurance for your maid, you should verify if the policy secures her health as well as her family’s safety if she gets into ant trouble. If your maid suffers an accident, then all her medical expenses should be under the insurance policy. Even if she is an outpatient, the system must cover some of the costs. The insurance plan not only secures your maid but also saves you a lot of money as an employer by reducing the burden to some extent.
  • Most of the maid insurances do not cover any dental expenses. You can look for a few exceptions for maid insurances, where the agencies cover medical costs, including dental costs.
  • You should be well aware of the activation of the maid insurance policy. The following points might help you.

When you get yourself a new domestic maid, the insurance plan activates within 14 days from the date of application and five days from the date of payment. It comes into action as soon as your maid gets inside the premises of Singapore.\

The plan activates one day after the termination of the previous program when you renew a policy after the termination date of the old insurance.

When you get a transferred maid from somewhere, the insurance plan activates immediately on the day of the maid’s arrival.

  • The maid insurance policy in Singapore also takes care of the repatriation and reimbursement of your maid. In case your maid becomes injured or dies at Singapore, the insurance plan covers all the expenses of return.

You can choose the best maid insurance based on the above points. The more you look for the insurance plans, the more options you will find. You can take help from the internet to look for the most suitable insurance plan for your maid. MoneyIQ Singapore is one of such agencies that looks after your maid’s issues in the best way possible.

Your investment in maid policy should not go beyond your means. If you are not sure of the maid insurance policy, then you can try out the small investment plans for the minimum term of 14 months at first. Eventually, you can increase the duration of the plan.

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