Domestic Helper Insurance

Everything You Need to Know About Domestic Helper Insurance

In Singapore, people are so much concerned about their domestic helpers. Several corporate offices and industries provide total life insurance coverage to their helpers. That’s why many helpers show their interest to work in Singapore. Helpers play an important role in progressing any business. So, it is the responsibility of those companies to look after the Domestic Helper Insurance. Most of them come from rural areas, and they don’t have sufficient financial capacity for the treatment of any fatal accident or any other emergency cases. Millions of domestic helpers work in Singapore every day and night. To protect their lives, many companies have established different types of insurance policies.

There are lots of terms and conditions in different agencies. Before joining the job, the parent company prepares an insurance policy for their helpers’ secure lives. When people feel secure in life, it is very helpful for them to work positively every time. You will get every little information about several insurance for domestic helpers in Singapore. Just hold on!

Permanent disability or Accidental death

There are so many insurance companies available in Singapore to provide a total life care insurance policy. In industry, helpers use to do many risky jobs where there is a chance for life risk or accident. Though the company is always aware of their safety, sometimes very dangerous accidents happen despite high tight safety. So, it’s better to prepare an insurance policy. If any helper lost him any body part during working in the company, he would benefit from this policy. But if he dies for any accident in the company, his family can claim the money and get it within six to twelve months. Though a little amount of money can’t be equal to life, for that moment that money becomes so much helpful for that helper’s family. The companies always prepare insurance for every domestic helper as per their salary and terms & conditions.

The Hospital & Surgical expenses

For the domestic helpers’ surgical and hospital expenses, the insurance companies provide some insurance plans. In this policy, the overseas hospitalisation facility in any emergency case is included. After any surgery or in cases of hospitalisation the helpers can claim their money. For some minor cases, the affected helpers get the facility of their medicines and other related tests. They will receive a certain amount of money, which depends on an applicable ratio factor to the capable surgical and hospital expenses which are being claimed.

Facilities of the Government restructured hospitals

If the affected domestic helper hospitalised in any Government restructured hospitals, he would get some special facilities. But it depends on the insurance agency and their terms & conditions. Some Insurance agencies are there in Singapore provides the best package of insurance facilities with every type of treatment from a minor disease to massive accident. Helpers can surrender the deposit expected by a restructured hospital by the Singapore government with a guarantee letter if he is hospitalised. This Letter is applicable if the domestic helper is admitted at any restructured hospital of Singapore government & per admission; it is capped up to a limit of approximately $10000. That is also Subjected to the hospital guidelines, as well as the terms & conditions apply.

The Wages Compensation

If a domestic helper gets hospitalised, he can claim a certain amount of money per day for up to 30 days. These wages are varied upon the insurance capital. It depends on the salary of the helpers. Different insurance companies pay different amounts of money, and the causes are also different. Many companies also provide family coverage plans, and some of those only provide the treatment only to the helper. But the fact is that the domestic helpers in Singapore can work safely and without any tension because of the insurance facilities. Even the policy has been protected under the scheme of Policy Owners’ Protection, which is totally administered by SDIC (Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation).

How to Purchase Insurance?

There are so many Insurance agencies available for Domestic helpers’ security. It will take 3 to 5 working days to complete the security bond stage. Then it will be transmitted to MOM (Ministry of Manpower) successfully. Every log in details is available on an individual company’s website. The parent company who is appointing the helpers has to follow up on the terms and conditions. It’s better to purchase the insurance before 3 to 5 working days of the domestic helpers’ arriving in Singapore. The policies are automatic, and they don’t need any further action from their customer side. But if the customers want to stop or customise their policy, then they could contact.

The Exclusions

There are specific circumstances whereby these privileges under the plan won’t be payable. Helpers could refer to their policy agreement for the detailed exclusions, terms & conditions exclusions of that plan. That policy agreement is issued when the helper’s application is being accepted. The companies can also renew the insurance policy. Different insurance agencies have different policies to renew the policy. Mostly the policies have to be renewed after one year. The policies are made to benefit the domestic helpers, but some criteria may not be suitable for their specific needs. So be sure before getting any insurance policy.

Some Important Notes to Read Carefully

It is beneficial to consult with an experienced insurance adviser before getting any insurance plan. Otherwise, the insurance holder may end up getting a plan which does not match with their needs or expectations. Maybe the helper won’t be able to pay for the premiums and get their insurance protection as per their requirement. Some insurance is regulated by SDIC (Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation). The policies are automatic & any action is not required from the helpers after enlisting their name, but for any customisation, they need to contact the insurance company. The HL Assurance Singapore is playing a vital role in securing the domestic helpers’ life in Singapore.

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