Smart Light Panels

What Is An IR Lamp And Smart Light Panels

Infrared lamp, also called IR lamp, are the devices that emit infrared radiation, as the name suggests. They are used in industrial areas for the generation of heat and radiant heating purposes. Apart from that, infrared LEDs are also suitable to be used for communication purposes. They offer a better facility of communication as compared to optic fibers or devices that can be controlled by the remote. Infrared light is so vibrant that it is used in many night vision devices. In night vision devices, visible light may not function properly. To solve this problem, experts harness the use of infrared lamps.

The uses of infrared lights are varied. They are also used in many industrial and scientific instruments. These rays aid in the chemical analysis of gases and liquids. For instance, sulfur dioxide, which possesses ill-repute for being a major pollutant, can be measured with the help of infrared rays as it is characterised to absorb infrared rays. Most of the residential and workplaces in Singapore have installed infrared lights.

Where Do We Usually Find Infrared LED Lights 

Do you know why incandescent bulbs incorporate the use of a tungsten filament? This is because the tungsten filament is heated to a temperature that is usually very high. It helps to produce visible light and infrared radiation. The round bulbs are imparted with a red tint, which helps to reduce the visible light. The red tint of the light bulbs also generated infrared heat that helps in warming animals and people. However, the power density is low. Infrared light is helpful for processes like drying, industrial heating, and processing applications.

If the voltage applied to the incandescent lamps is adjusted, the amount of infrared heat generated can be adjusted. Different materials have different absorption capacities for infrared radiations of varying wavelengths. Due to all these reasons, IR lights are a popular choice throughout Singapore. Almost every household, workplace, and other commercial places harness IR lights for their convenience.

Smart IR Panel Lights 

If you are a resident of Singapore, you may have definitely thought about decorating your home with some funky-looking smart lights that can change colour in an instant. These lights have the ability to synchronise with Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. These colour-changing smart bulbs are available in a variety of shapes.

Sticking to a Single Type of Light

Smart panel lights can be of three types. They can be ambient, accent, or task lighting. Using only one kind of light causes a lot of inconveniences and steals the depth of the room. It can make your room decor look like that of an industry. It is important to understand the various aspects of your room before you install your smart panel light. One should also lay emphasis on smart lighting as it helps to focus on specific areas. Unless you do this carefully, be ready for shadowy accidents. For example, the light on the kitchen countertops should be bright enough and point in different directions. This will result in an equal distribution of lights throughout the kitchen.

Similarly, the lights in the vanity or bathroom should not be installed in the ceiling. If they are installed at a higher level, they will result in shadows being cast in an odd manner during shaving, tweezing, etc. Smart panel lights in bathrooms should always be at an eye level.

Advantages of Smart Panel Lighting

Smart LED panel lights are not only aesthetically beautiful and impart a great appearance to the house. They are beneficial in other ways, as well. Stated below are some advantages of installing smart panel lights at home. Read on to find out:

  1. These lights induce better sleep. The hormone that regulates our sleep cycle is melatonin. The secretion of this hormone tends to increase during the evenings and the night. When we are exposed to bright light, the secretion of melatonin is disturbed. Smart LED light panels usually have a dim colour. This helps to prepare you for better sleep.
  2. Smart panel lights can help to improve your mood. This stands mostly true during the winter months. The best thing about smart panel lights is that one can set them according to the changing weather. Therefore, on a cold and rainy day, turn your smart smart light panels to a brighter colour. This will help to uplift your mood.
  3. Your house can have enhanced security if you install a smart lighting system in your house. Smart panel lights can easily be controlled from almost any part of the world. All it requires is a stable internet connection, and you are good to go!
  4. They help to save a lot of money. Smart panel lights are equipped with multiple facilities. One can change the settings thus so that the light will switch on only in someone’s presence. This makes a great choice for landing and hallway lights. This phenomenon is known as daylight harvesting. These small savings can add up and help to save a large amount in the future.
  5. These smart light panels are great options to be used as decorative lights. They have a wide range of variety. They can also change the colours to compliment the other decor of the room. There are thousands of combinations to choose from. Therefore, one can get a home that is dazzling with lights once he installs this light panel.

Be it a house party or a simple need for a change in mood, these lights can go well with your mood. They are easy to install and great to look at. They can make your house look nice. One can turn these lights on and off according to his convenience, making it extremely affordable. Once you install these lights, you will be surprised to see the energy you are saving. They are a great innovative step towards better hoke decor without burning a hole in the pocket in a nutshell. When are you getting yours?

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