Is Taking A Personal Loan A Good Idea

Is Taking A Personal Loan A Good Idea? How?

Being a collateral-free loan, personal loans are very famous. However, it is not very easy to get until and unless you have a pleasing credit history. As the personal loan is unsecured, the interest rates are higher when compared to the other loans like a car loan, gold loan, etc. The only reason for the personal loan to be infamous is the interest rate. The borrower needs to put a lot of thought before applying for a personal loan.

The borrower has to look for the interest rates that are offered by different banks. He or she should also look at the term of the loan and choose by his capacity to repay. Doing all these can save the borrower a lot of money.  Taking a personal loan is never a bad idea but “when” we take it matters. In this article, we will discuss under what circumstances taking a personal loan becomes a good idea.

When you can call taking a personal loan a good idea?

It utterly depends on the reasons for which you need personal loans. When you can achieve your financial goal, it is a good idea. For instance, when you can do away with your consolidated debt or renovate your property to increase its value, you have decided right. You can go ahead with your decision of taking a personal loan when you do not want to overburden your credit card.

It is a great idea as you do not have to suffer from the revolving interest of the credit card and instead avail yourself a great amount and payback it as monthly instalments without any uncertainties. Every professional in this field recommend not to take a personal loan for reasons like vacations and wedding. It is important to understand the fact that taking a personal loan is costly. These wishes can be met with savings as they are cheaper. It is very important to think twice and calculate to establish your new budget before you decide.

However, if you are sure about having a stable income and can manage to pay back the instalments, you can always go for personal loans without any hesitation.

Consolidated Debt

It is common to face unfortunate situations where the number of loans and repayments increase unexpectedly. To clear this away, you can combine your consolidated debt into one personal loan. You can attain peace of mind after you take up the loan as now you do not have to do multiple payments. You just have a single EMI to pay regularly. One big advantage of getting a personal loan is that there is no compulsion to reveal the purpose of your loan. You can get the loan by your capacity to pay.

Medical Emergency

A personal loan is a great choice if you are struggling with a medical emergency. A personal loan is a boon during these situations as the process can be done in minutes and requires less documentation. The Internet can help you a lot as one click will give you all the information regarding the interest rates and other terms and conditions. Some banks can give money in hours if you are already a customer of that bank.


There are exclusive education loans. However, when you dream to go abroad or some elite universities, the cost may be more, and taking personal loans in this circumstance is a very good idea. The personal loan will have no limitations than paying the education fees back.

Improve credit score

It is common to think that taking a loan will hurt the credit score. But that is not the case when you efficiently manage the payment of the loan. We all know that a credit score is very important to take a loan. You can take a small personal loan and pay it back on or before time. This directly will have a positive effect on your credit history. You can take loans in the future effortlessly showing them your credit history.

An alternative for a payday loan

Personal loans are very much better than a payday loan. Your financial situation may tempt you to take payday loans but it may leave you in a worse situation. It is highly recommended to take a personal loan instead of a payday loan. Indeed, payday loans are easy to get when compared to a personal loan but the payday lenders can sometimes charge interest up to 400 %. On the other hand, a personal loan has fixed repayable instalments. It can reduce your anxiety and uncertainty towards paying debts considerably.

Large purchases

You will be needing money when you have to make large purchases like equipment for your business or when you are quite sure about expanding your business; when you are sure about the benefits you are going to reap with your decision then you can avail the personal loans. You can achieve your dream soon instead of waiting for years saving the money.

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