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Best Interior Design Companies in Singapore

Singapore is one of the leading countries in Southeast Asia. This place is known for its growing success in the field of tourism and the marketing industry. Thanks to their extraordinary attractions such as Gardens by the Bay, Merlion Park, and Marina Bay Sands, millions of tourists were recorded to be visiting the place. Through this, the growth rate of businesses established here has been successful and productive. Yet, with hundreds of institutions swarming the city, it is undeniable that the industry has become more competitive over the years. Consequently, each company strategizes on how to win clients in whatever ways possible.

Since it is important to create first impressions to the customers, businesses have transacted with renovation institutions to make their structure one with the trend while still giving comfortable and professional vibes to the people. Proportionally to the number of offices that needs consulting, there are also tons of interior designing companies; one example is the Greeen Office Interior. And listed within the best Office Renovation Singapore, compiled below are some of the design companies that have great reviews and ratings.

Starry Homestead Pte Ltd

Starry Homestead Pte Ltd is one of the best designing firms in Singapore. With over 103 reviews, this attained high ratings in providing great customer service because their services are personalized since they prioritize the likings of their clients. They also have 147 latest projects that have prices ranging from $9,800 to $300,000. Some of their featured projects include a resale 5-room HDB called the Pasir Ris, a new condominium from Sunshine Plaza, a new 4-room HDB in Bukit Merah, City Vue, and land in Sembawang Hill Real Estate.

Interior Lab Pte Ltd

The Interior Lab Pte Ltd has a rate of 9.4 coming from its entire 96 customer’s review. This has a total of 71 projects including their featured projects called Fernvale Rd in a resale 4-room HDB, Maisonette in executive HDB, Veranda in a condominium, and M38 Showroom in a resale commercial. Moreover, the company offers a price range of $17,000 to $650,000 and could design according to the demands of their clients.

Elysian Design and Renovation

Elysian Design and Renovation is one of the design companies that offer affordable services. With a range of $20,000 to $60,000, people can upgrade and renovate their spaces into the areas they wanted it to be. This has a total rate of 9.2 from its 49 customer reviews and has 9 new projects which include designs in 5-room HDB, 4-room HDB, condominiums, and executive HDB.

Zenith Design Theory Pte Ltd

Zenith Design Theory Pte Ltd was reviewed by over 49 customers and attained a rate of 9.4. This has four featured projects namely Landed at East Coast having a price of $350,000, Condo at the orchard with a price of $93,000, Bukit Batok BTO for $55,000 and Jalan Asuhan GCB with $450,000. Also, this company overall has 35 projects with a price range of $25,000 to $8000,000.

E+e Design and Build

Known for its great design, workmanship, customer service, and value for money, E+e Design and Build has a total rating of 9.4 from its entire 25 customer’s review. And since this company was just established, this has created 6 projects with various prices that range from $16,600 to $76,000. And as an overview, these projects include Blk 459 Pasir Ris Drive 4 with a price of $73,800, Blk 997C Buangkok Crescent with $16,600, Blk 573C Woodlands Rise with $38,000, Blk 121 Kim Tian Place with $75,000, Blk 103 Tech Whye Lane with $53,000, and Blk 780 Pasir Ris Street 71 with $76,000.

De Style Interior Pte Ltd

De Style Interior Pte Ltd is a design company established by Mainstream. This has received a rate of 9.1 from its 29 customer reviews and has created a total of 34 projects which have a price range of $28,000 to $750,000. Although this usually takes clients who want to renovate their condominium, the company is versatile and is willing to take any designing jobs.


Singapore has become one of the greatest countries of all time. Their tourism, business, and marketing industry have been growing and expanding through the years, making the city able to compete with other big countries. With the great governance from their leading sectors, they can maintain and increase their recorded number of tourists and at the same time, be able to continue the productivity of their established businesses. Thankfully, with the help of professionals in the field of design, institutions can go with the trend and attract more clients. Since appearance is an important factor in businesses, renovation companies like Greeen Office Interior were created and promoted by the city’s government. Through this, hundreds of companies were listed as Office Renovation Singapore and have helped tons of businesses in becoming prosperous.

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